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Welcome to Kaneko Acupuncture Salon. We have been performing a traditional oriental acupuncture treatment. After having an interview with each patient, we check the surface of his/her body, including postural analysis, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and acupoint (acupuncture point) diagnosis, etc., and decide the treatment method for you. By looking into what is the possible cause of your symptom, not just by checking the pain and disorder in affected areas, we will perform the treatment. Also, our goal is to help your system back into balance and to promote a total health of your body without disease after our treatment. Currently, our Director is trying hard to improve his English. It will be appreciated if you explain the condition of your body in detail. Please feel free to contact us.


We use disposable needles for every client in our acupuncture for safety reasons.


1) Before performing acupuncture, we will have an interview with patient to find the possible cause of the disorder in addition to our treatment on the affected areas.
2) We diagnose by checking the condition of acupoints, the total balance of your body, the condition of pulse, stomach, back, arms and legs, and then determine “Sho” (pattern) considering the interview sheet result.

Treatment room:
we have 4 beds for treatment and each bed is partitioned with a curtain to keep patient’sprivacy.

Changing room:
you may use our treatment clothes (such as sweat pants) if you visit us in formal business suits after work.

  Director Hutoshi Kaneko

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